We’re a family on a mission…

Back in the 80’s, both my brother and I should have been aborted. Our parents were struggling immigrants. Each surprising pregnancy was definitely unwanted and seemed almost unbearable. Through the divine hand of God, both babies were saved, and the family legacy continued. But it was a legacy of brokenness and pain. Decades later, after receiving much healing and restoration of the heart, my brother and I each have thriving families of our own.

The thriving part was no accident! My wife and I have been blessed with 4 sons. Our story of renewal from the battering of life is an invaluable part of our journey. Ethiopia is another invaluable part– an 18 year journey. Now, we are so grateful to be in the amazing world of specialty Ethiopian coffee, but the amazing coffee part didn’t come first. From the beginning of our Ethiopia story, there was deep relationships, family and the birthing of legacy. Coffee came later… we’re sure glad it did! In 2019, we became an importer and a roaster of this specialty Ethiopian coffee.

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Our mission is to be a part of the unborn being brought into the fullness of life and to help people drink superior coffee! With full hearts and coffee in hand, we’re bringing you our direct trade, single origin specialty coffees sourced straight from Ethiopia and roasted by us. We buy directly from the coffee producers who are close friends. We’re excited for you to join our coffee journey. Give yourself amazing coffee while giving 20% of your purchase to organizations who directly support the unborn and the families who have chosen life.

It’s loving your neighbor as yourself!