Swiss Water Decaf

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Need a flavorful cup of coffee after a long day? Do the effects of caffeine bother you? This Swiss Water Process Decaf is chemical and toxin free. Nutty and relaxing, it has no added sweeteners or flavorings and is sourced through another reputable importer.

  • Specialty Grade Coffee
  • Free of all junk, added flavorings, pesticides, mold, and mycotoxins
  • Whole Bean
  • 20% of each sale goes to pro-life organizations
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Customer Reviews

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Annis Karen Cox

Swiss Water Decaf

Great Decaf Coffee

Great Decaf Coffee and helping s good cause at the same time..
Will buy again

Dieter Nurnberger
Awesome Decaf, Thank you!

This tastes fantastic. I wanted a decaf dark roast or espresso roast to make espresso drinks in the afternoon and enjoy a nice coffee without the caffeine. I also did NOT want a chemically decaffeinated coffee. Upon learning of the Swiss Water method I looked for a vendor. Although the Pro-life Coffee’s is medium roast decaf, it still does the trick. I love it! I also love having a cappuccino or macchiato when I get home at the end of the day without the caffeine. Tastes great and great price too. I’m about to reorder. I also got a three pack of other coffees, only tried the espresso roast so far and it’s delicious, far nicer than the popular Italian imports I used to use. I’ll try the other dark and medium roasts soon and report back.
I am thrilled to have found you on public square, by accident really, and happy to support you.
Love your coffee and thank you!
D. N.

Hopeline PRC
Amazing Coffee!!!

We at Hopeline Pregnancy Center love this company, what it stands for, and the delicious coffee it sells. We are excited to know that there is a company that supports life and life more abundantly while helping us through life with a decadent cup of coffee to enjoy daily!

Nick Hale
Delicious - Doesn’t taste like decaf!

I mix this with my espresso roast from PLCR and, unlike other brands, it doesn’t diminish the espresso shot flavor and taste weird! I like half-caff. so very happy I found this Swiss water decaf to use in my daily routine!

  • Direct Trade

    It's all about relationship. We work closely with our coffee producers. This brings more integrity and transparency into your cup.

  • Amazing Coffee

    Elevate your coffee journey by drinking our Specialty Coffee. Rest assured there's only complete goodness in every cup.

  • Dual Impact

    Experience the blessing of drinking amazing coffee while knowing 20% of your purchase goes directly to pro-life organizations.